Meaning of the name Aaren:
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Gender: Male & Female
Usage: English (Rare)
One hot rear end guy
It's a Nice name
it means happy.
Stressed when mad but really nice when happy
it means love .
lovey as fuuu
does not mean strong because i have a friend Aaren and he is as weak as a gerbil.
very guy
mountain of strentgh
When you are the rock of a family as you say it puts a lot of pserruse on a person to perform when things are tough. Sometimes being a rock means many things like just being there for others or listening when someone needs to talk. You can still be that rock even though you have a lot going on. You will do that in other ways. You can do it, do not ever feel you are letting anyone down. It sounds like you are truly loved, and liked. I am sorry for your family. Just be patient, and strong.
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