Meaning of the name Addison:
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Gender: Male & Female
Usage: English
FEMALE NAME. Means your very smart and everyones friend
okay it mean son of adam and for the person who said its not a girls name im a girl so IT A GIRL NAME
beautiful :-)
im awsome and smart h
My friend's name is Addison and he is smart,sweet,and charming. He knows how to cheer people up when they are down. One time he was texting me and I was crying. Even though he had to go somewhere, he kept texting me until he was sure that I felt better. He is really really considerate.
My name is addison and it means your very smart,sensetive,happy and shy(girl)
FEMALE NAME. Means your very smart and everyones friend
This Name Addyson means awesome and strong. My nameis Addyson. It could be a girl or boy name. I think it is a wonderful name. No one should make fun of it.
i thoguht addison was a french name?
The person with the most swag in the world
Wow you guys acctually fight over a stupid name everbody has a name I could probily say something bad about all your names.. Btw Addison is a girls name not a boys if a boy would like to be called that he is most likely happy!!!!!
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