Meaning of the name Addison:
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Gender: Male & Female
Usage: English
FEMALE NAME. Means your very smart and everyones friend
okay it mean son of adam and for the person who said its not a girls name im a girl so IT A GIRL NAME
beautiful :-)
im awsome and smart h
My friend's name is Addison and he is smart,sweet,and charming. He knows how to cheer people up when they are down. One time he was texting me and I was crying. Even though he had to go somewhere, he kept texting me until he was sure that I felt better. He is really really considerate.
My name is addison and it means your very smart,sensetive,happy and shy(girl)
FEMALE NAME. Means your very smart and everyones friend
I have a friend that's name is also addyson but she spells it with a y instead of an I and she is fun energetic outgoing smart and pretty and everyone (LOVES) her!!!! :):):)
let play Mario computr
Addison means amazingly smart, son of adam, incredibly cute and my whole world. (:
Addison means athletic and goofy! haha
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