Meaning of the name Alaina:
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Gender: Female
Usage: English (Modern)
In irish Alaina means pretty
crazy and wierd, but really awesome. :)
The name Alaina means you are outgoing, but shy when you want to be. You are a funny person and everyone loves us! GO ALAINAS!
The girl's name Alaina \a-lai-na\ is a variant of Alaine (Old German), Alana (Old German, Hawaiian) and Elaine (Greek), and the meaning of Alaina is "precious; precious; awakening; sun ray, shining light".
My Name is Alaina, and I am VERY loud, I play alot of sports, I am kinda smart, and very happy:)ALAINAS ARE AWESOME
nice pretty talented smart and fragile aka my bffl
Rock on Alaina's
My name is Alaina and i am athletic,crazy,and my friends say im awesome
strong smart beautiful
my name is alaina and i mean faithful
Hey Fellow Alaina's!!!! We are dog lovers, beautiful girls, crave adventure, and most of all, are loved, awesome, and have the best friends a girl could have. My best friend is Adalia, and sheIs the only one who understands me. Alaina's, I love you all as if we were sisters, and I tell You one thing, ROCK ON!!!!
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