Meaning of the name Alaina:
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Gender: Female
Usage: English (Modern)
In irish Alaina means pretty
crazy and wierd, but really awesome. :)
The name Alaina means you are outgoing, but shy when you want to be. You are a funny person and everyone loves us! GO ALAINAS!
The girl's name Alaina \a-lai-na\ is a variant of Alaine (Old German), Alana (Old German, Hawaiian) and Elaine (Greek), and the meaning of Alaina is "precious; precious; awakening; sun ray, shining light".
My Name is Alaina, and I am VERY loud, I play alot of sports, I am kinda smart, and very happy:)ALAINAS ARE AWESOME
nice pretty talented smart and fragile aka my bffl
Rock on Alaina's
My name is Alaina and i am athletic,crazy,and my friends say im awesome
my name is alaina and i mean faithful
strong smart beautiful
Alainas are crazy, awesome, and funny. We are envied and we are very smart. We are very athletic and only enjoy sports when WE are playing them. We love music, dogs, and our friends are very loyal to us. Rock on Alainas! From another lovely Alaina.
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