Meaning of the name Alan:
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Gender: Male
Usage: English, Scottish, Breton
im alan and people makes fun of me.
some fine personrear end nigga
the 7 year old kid i used to molest
my name is alan and it means that he is very gaey and uglay
he's always all up on boys , & he's a hoe .but he's my bestfriend soo love him :D
i used to molest alan
this guy must be gaey
H0m0loveual (In Soviet Russia)
One time, I met this guy named Alan Martinez. He was a homoloveual mexican plumber. He didnt really know much English, but he was some strange fck. All he does for a living is running around and fixing peoples toilets
okay: a person hates you alan, there, what now gaey nigga
when i grow up the name of my son is going to be alan ((:
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