Meaning of the name Alejandra:
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Gender: Female
Usage: Spanish
alejandra mean a nice young pretty girl
it means a girl who is the best n have a sweet character with kindness..!!
Alejandra means warrior
its mean beautiful lol my name is alejandra
cool and awesome to the second powerPower to the Ale's!!!!
she's really cool and awesome
itz strong and awsome totally BFF!!
alejandra means a bbf theat will never betray you but if u do something to her yuo will pa back
Pretty Girl Swagg. Prett girly girl, but when youu mess with her; you'll def pay. Lmbo :D
sweet, young girl who never will betray a BFF in need. She is strong and brave, like a warrior.vary smart and talented
My name is LANEY it means the path of light at first I thought my name was the worst name in history because people read this book called miss Laney is zaney I felt so bad until I figured out what it means so if your name is Laney don't fell bad if people make fun of the name Laney!!!
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