Meaning of the name Alexander:
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Gender: Male
Usage: English, German, Dutch, Scandinavian, Hungarian, Slovak, Biblical, Ancient Greek (Latinized), Greek Mythology (Latinized)
Is the most amazing person you will ever meet and if you know an alexander you are one of the most luckiest people in the world! Sweet,funny, and nice to be around!
a very strong-willed person,believes in what he wants..but also can be extremly caring and loveable
i call him xander, but anyway, he is amazing, sweet, caught my attention at first sight, beautiful, tall, handsome, mysterious, strong (emotionally and physically), mood lifter, a god (just kidding) , a person u can tell anything, someone u cant live without once u caught a glance of him, like what it says above hes hardheaded just like me and i love it, i miss him, and i wish i can see him again. I hope u see this and know who i am.
It means protector of mankind. And for those of you insulting people with that name, well, it's my name, so please cut it out.
the most amazing guy ive ever meet! the nicest! sweetest! funny! cute! :)
Just the best person ever!
defender of man,conqueror from greek word alexandros
loving. caring. sweet. the best bf ever
ALex is a wild guy the just loves to party and have fun. (he is usually a fan of Lady Gaga). he is always there for yoou! :P
Defender of man, God's helper, Leader of Men.I am an Alexander, and I know that I am a defender/leader of people kind of naturally - but I can be indecisive.
Is a player and i ahte his sinkin gutts cause he broke my heart i could kill him right now
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