Meaning of the name Alike:
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Gender: Female
Usage: Nigerian
Alike: The name "Alike" comes from the English word "alike" meaning "the same" or "symmetrical." Alike, like most children are raised in Africa, is homeschooled.
Who would name there child this?
It seems like a lot of people are named "Alike." I wonder why? There aren't many people from Nigeria.
like a boss XD
u should stand up to her!!!
alike is some crazy person cos shes named after alike
I know, right? Maybe those kids up there don't know anyone from Nigeria named Alike and they're saying it's a weird name.
i mean that u should tell someone if u have a really hard time standing up to her!!!!!!!!!!!!!
alike is really meen to me she bully me i cant stand up to her for sum reason its really hard u know
Cuz, maybe I want, to
Like a boss??? Ur supposed to tell about what the name means, what do you think the site is called??? So I will, just in case u mind, so here goes, nothing, I guess, here it goes, I should shutup now well it means, she looks like, her twin
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