Meaning of the name Amber:
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Gender: Female
Usage: English, Dutch
It means someone who loves family and friends and love having fun. FLirting is there key to life. Guys are love and they love being single. they also follow there dreams!
The name Amber means: Royalty from darkness; Simplicity; Beauty; pleasure; Happiness, and the act of being ostentatious. It is also a reddsh gold colour.
its a loving lovey name lol
Naturally it means the color of Amber, which is a very nice red/gold color. by the way i like the name Amber. just saying...
Amber- one, thnks for noticeing me!!! two, the name amber means a person who is not afriad to live life, and doesn't care what other people say. Amber is a loveing person, who loves to FLIRT! shes an awsome person, and she gets along with everyone! And guys love her!!!
My gf's name. She's hot, caring, and isn't self centered. She cares about your problems even though she has stuff going on too. She always puts her friends and family first.
Amber means a fun loving person who loves animals writing books drawing reading and hanging out with friends.......hehe i described myself!!!!
it means that you can accomplish things that seem out of reach. Amber is a name that is stong to a womans heart.
i have a friend named amber and she is all of the things up top but short
Stop hating the name Amber!!! I don't care if it's not my name, but it means "Jewel like," hence ember-Amber. it means pretty!!!
Whatev ambers amber means a flrter skinny wanna be.
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