Meaning of the name Amir:
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Gender: Male
Usage: Arabic
Powerful;ruler and crowned prince
very outgoing and kind but still sweet and shy on the inside who knows how to make someone laugh and smile even though he can be sometimes anoying but still very smart and intellengent and knows when to fight back
It means POWEFUL!!!!!
i love you amir! - Cynthia
im a girl named amir and to me it means powerful,sweet,intelligent,and knows when someone tries to get fisty knock em too their knees!!!
A smart, shy man who does good and bad things, is still anoying and could win a fight
is a badrear end and gets all the ladies
good king
It means they are really stupid and a terrorist.
sweet kind and is a very genurous person that.shy to tell a girl whathe feels about her and is a meany sometimes but i still love him anyway-meghan
i like you man pillows :)
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