Meaning of the name Amrit:
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Gender: Male
Usage: Indian
special water
holy water P.S. Can also be a girl !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
holy madespecial
holy water
a girls name to
Amrit is a unilove name smartrear end
a girls name to
its my friends name. its a girls name 2 tho.
it my boy freinds name and he is very caring and intellingt and i love him so much xxxxx
Thank you for the inspiring words about the spiltiuarl name.It is really true that it helps to find the destiny.Ib4m always very happy about every phrase where the word amrit appears for example in the last poore of Jap Ji bevore the Salok . bhando bao amrite dite dale And as well I always love to do something with the Guru,I got a Guru at home and try to read every day.Ib4m glad to read you are teaching in Rishikesh.Ib4ve been to that Ashram as well when I was there with my son Satsingh,who has been to Miri Piri school for 5 Years.I love Rishikesh and the Ashram,sometimes dreaming I could live there,when I donb4t need to work anymore,.Ib4ll see where God will bring me to Love and thanks again for your inspiring words Guru Amrit Kaur
Holy water God gift
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