Meaning of the name Amy:
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Gender: Female
Usage: English
Amy is a great friend when you need her and great with music. Dont get on her bad side and shell be the best most unforgettable beautiful person youll ever meet.
best person on the WORLD ;)
my friend Amy is funny, awesome, a amazin singer, amazing dancer and so much more
I love you Amy!
amy means awesome
My friend Amy is so awesome, she loves to sing, she loves the sun shine, her favorite color is red, she is beautiful, she is magical, she means the world to me (i love you so much amy) =3
a fun, crazy, sometimes annoying girl
It means that u r the best person and is cool and pretty
Yess AMY is cool and fit :) i love her so much xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
shes a very cool person but dont make her mad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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