Meaning of the name Ana:
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Gender: Female
Usage: Spanish, Portuguese, Slovene, Bulgarian, Romanian, Croatian, Serbian, Macedonian, Georgian
This name means that you are one of a kind, graceful, and full of confidence and don't let any a__ hole tell you different! :)
a woman who is well educated
means fine as latina
ana means the hottest girl out there :)
don't hate on ana's. drat girls calm the f down. no one cares abt your petty problems
ana are very good friends mostly denver is my friens ana are mean athletic friendly etc you are right
is a name in the bible
who ever say ana is a b- name they are stupid ones
Pretty,Smart,Kind,HOT,Mean,Popular,AND EVERYTHING GOOD
Beautiful and nice but mean to me eventhough im her sister :'( but i still love here even if she hates me
My name is Ana, and people say im a princess cause my name is Anastasia.
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