Meaning of the name Anabel:
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Gender: Female
Usage: Spanish
anabel means beautiful with out knowing and has hidden talents and no when we get angry there is not going to be a natural disaster or else we would be living in a horror show every day for ever
anabel is the best name ever thank you very much
anabel is a name which was created in rome the city of love which is why we might fall in love very fast we see people who are pure with one look we help those he need acisstance we can get a boy to love us the way we love them and when we set out to do something we acomplish it
Anabel is a BEAUTIFUL name and never forget it.
beautiful,lovable,friendship,and very lovey
gracious beauty
anabel means lovey!
nice,cool,friend, awesome name BTW my name is Anabel
It doesn't matter what it means just know your special.... But I love the name Anabel we rock!!!!!!!!!
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