Meaning of the name Andrina:
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Gender: Female
Usage: English (Rare)
a tall girl with lots of hair
andrina means smart,funny,cute,good together along with,a person that you can talk to when ever you need her. I know this because thats my name,let me brake it down for you. ! AN-DRI-NA
Andrina, Marrina, Tarina, Sharrina, they're all the same
she will be bff for life and also awesome and strong tall and cute
Blonde. Short. girly.
hot senstive beatiful fun funny someonet o count on
very very very very very SHORT!!!!!!!
Strong one.Warrior
nice, a good cook and a lovely step-mom
a gurl
A beautiful and totally lovey girl who knows how to flirt and have a good time. She is honest and very trustworthy and can give very good advice. She is never boring and doesnt get mad or annoying. She is someone you could be friends with for life.
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