Meaning of the name Ane:
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Gender: Female
Usage: Danish
Ane? I thought Anne. It's plain on its own but you can turn it into something like 'Mary-Anne' or 'Roseanne' or 'Reeannen' there's loads 'Roxanne' or 'Annex if you called Anne already, you could call yourself 'Annie' but Anne is sweet.
Delete first comment..oops
I don't know what it means, but my middle name is Anne. My mom chose it because tha
hahahah it's my name lols
this is the other half of my name!! My name is a combination of two names!!! brown eyes brown hair short hair(cuz of donating) sharing thoughtful an angel
The drug addict
Also the wise one.
Brown hair, brown eyes, pink finger nails, white shoes, Merredin Senior High School Uniform, not so wise anymore after the drugs.
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