Meaning of the name Angélica:
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Gender: Female
Usage: Spanish, Portuguese
nice really pretty always noe how to cheer you up
one of the prettiest girls you ever seen
its goodness. kind hearted can have a temper but theres always a reason
Angel like or from heaven
my name is angelica too, everyone calls me jelly
Angelic like, like an Angel,
nice and a angel and nice and brave
Angelica means to be artistic, outgoing, kinda-smart, tall-ish, dark brown hair, skinny, romantic (or wants to be when she has a boyfriend but for right now wants a boyfriend to be romantic with her) Angelica loves to be funny and immature, her cousin(s) cheer her up and gets into fights with her alot. Even thought they fight alot theyalso love each other. Thats the true meaning of being Angelica
a beautiful gift from god it is like a angely
Look Angelica is one of my best friends who I trust with everything, and I love her 1/2 boojy self!
My name is Angelica. Named after my mom who was named after her mom. My nick name is jelly, angie
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