Meaning of the name Anika:
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Gender: Female
Usage: German, Dutch, Danish
it means sweet kind and wise
it means beautiful rich smart grasious evil sometimes
grace and favour and beautiful
beautiful,sweet,kind,and wise
As beautiful as the sunset
anika is my name and it means kind , gracful, beautiful , and sweet and wise
anika is someone who can make you laugh even if you are mad or sad. it is a rare name to find or meet someone with that name. it also means unique. so if you meet someone with the name of anika make sure you get to know that person. trust me if you don't you will regreate it. you will miss out on a great deal!!!!!!!!!!!! love your big sis, taylor
Deandra means clever and somtimes vitious
gently caress U fine person DONT CALL ME A girl!!!
my name is anika and i am all of these things
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