Meaning of the name Anjali:
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Gender: Female
Usage: Indian
A girl that's spirit is strong.a beauty
its not tamilian its hindi i know im indian but it does mean an offering to god
it means the light of an angel
a gift to's my name
My name is Anjali too. I love all the meanings of it! :)
It means,a girl whose nice, kind and funny, and is kind hearted
offering things to GOD, pure water from GOD to purify things, (may be mother's name of The Hanuman)
calm person
I know this girl name Anjali and shes a lier and stupid but im not saying Anjalis are liers and are stupid just her
it means that god himself has offered anjali to the world
Anjali is a beautiful name meaning an offering made to god. Pari is the name meaning angel sent from God. Some of you Anjalis out there are misinformed!!! Haha lol luv u guys anyway
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