Meaning of the name Annabel:
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Gender: Female
Usage: English, Dutch
Annabel is a head-strong girl who does not change her ways just because somebody does not like them. She is a beautiful girl who is strong in the heart and the soul. She does not care what people think of her, and yet she is caring, loving, and smart. She knows right from wrong and she knows how to chose the right thing and still have a great time.
Annabel means graceful and beautiful
Annabel is a kind and loveing person and can be a fine person
This name mean that Annabel is a smart and loving person .
She is loving and caring in so many ways
Annabel definatly means beautiful. Everyone I meet either compliments on my looks, or my name.
Annabels are not bossy but they like to know what is going on and are intrested in her surroundigs
it means a beautiful, elegant girl who is sporty, smart and lovable :) all people who are named annabel are awwwesome!
a caring person who has lots of power and wont give up. may have a few downs but is always in a good mood. has 2 sides to the person.she can be in charge or a leader or she can be shy and caring.
It means that she is beautiful and creative and always keeps her cool! I agree we are awsome!!!!
Not that pretty but a okay friend
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