Meaning of the name Annie:
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Gender: Female
Usage: English
A beautiful person on the inside and the outside. Athletic, smart, nice, caring :)
Georgous, graceful, social and kind
A person who loves nature
I think the name means blessed in grace~From annie :)
my bestie's name is annie, too. and she's always has my back. so you know what "annie" means? reliable, trusting, loving and awesome.
a little girl who looks delicate but has the strength of a thousand bulls
Annie is the most beautiful person you will meet.right after maggies. annie comes in all shapes and sizes but loves herself the way she is. she wouldn't change a thing. plus, annie will kick your end if you piss her off. YAY ANNIES
a kind trusting person who is caring and is determined
Funny,bright, joyful, can be fiesty, bubbly and 1 of my best friends
A very silent person who is very beautiful, serious but kind, considerate, and a cousin of mine.
Mean. Only cares about herself. Has her views upside down. Very Annoying. ALWAYS texting. Two faced. A know it all. Rude. Mean. Some annies might be the opposite but this one. Just mean. I wish I had never met her.
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