Meaning of the name Anthony:
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Gender: Male
Usage: English
Strong, Cute, over the top, confident, concieted, Loud, but keeps to himself, peaceful, funny, weird, athletic, friendly, good in bed, and my best friend :)
he is a cool kid
Is the bestest
concieted!!!!!!! but a strong lover, devilishly quite
Although annoying he could be kind and funny
loveY!!!!and very cute eyes and hes very sweet to girl
He's lovey and he knows it
cutee nice and fun
Hot and always you best friend
None of this makes since he is friendly, nice, loud,fun,funny,and weird at times, and ok looking.
Anthony means cute, funny, strong, loud, vilent, lovey, good kisser, im guessing good in bed, he's a dog but still a graet persin
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