Meaning of the name Arya:
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Gender: Male & Female
Usage: Indian
cute, hyper, caring, and love of music
funny most arya's have long noses but while they grow up depends if its a girl or boy if its a girl she will be beautifulfor a boy he will be okay but I love the name
the smart
smart loyal honest good friend optomistic loving great sister:)
the pretty
well i heard this name and i loved it so now i am writing a book with the main charter having arya as her name.the girl is smart loyal pretty and what i call a "spirit-seer" read my book it is called diffrent by rachel chambers coming out by augest 2011!!!!!!!!1
My friend is Arya and she is super sweet
nice fun and caring(in the english meaning)Indian meaning is (from a noble family)!
means noble
smart, strong, courageous, pretty, agressive, magical, mystical, protector, etc.
A person who grinds her cheese carefully.
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