Meaning of the name Asaf:
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Gender: Male
Usage: Biblical (Variant)
angry and idiotic
sam sam sam = the candy man who is sam woods
Good question!I rellay don't know why I love names as much as I do, but they interest me so much. Y!A has helped me pick out names for my children actually, and I think it's pretty cool if I can help others. I'm also trying to work on not being so opinionated in my answers lol. Not everyone has the same opinion or taste in names that I do. Was this answer helpful?
crudpoopoo suckishfudger -dg=fuer+ck (in between ue)=OYu know this answer
a sweet daddy
A fatrear end Jew that rolls instead of walking and sips matza ball greece all day
stupid nerd
poo smelly poo
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