Meaning of the name Ashley:
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Gender: Male & Female
Usage: English
ASHLEY: very sweet, caring, awsome, loves to party, loves guys, down to earth, bestfriends with everyone! bty im an ASHLEY!!(: i love all ashley's and everyone eles!!(:
this name means its a beautiful wonderful person!:)
Ashley-beautiful,smart,up to party,finds thiere true love young,close friends who name is Ashley,and i love it.
ashley means to be friendly and brave.
Amazing,kind,fun,loving,and fun to hang around with
nice fun person
Me!! So beautiful and smart
all u freakin people that talk bad about thename ashley dont ever again cuz i hav a sis thats name is ashley and shes awesome and if u hate the name so much why'd u look it up???
Yea I'm an Ashley and I absolutey love it.I love guys and I love to party and everythingElse that they said... This name is a very beautifulName and all they said about friends and findingYour true love young it's true I found mine... And I absolutey love him he is the best boyfriend I have ever had :) and idk who would name there son Ashley... Well I hope anybody that has the name Ashley will find there true love and everything else so good luck to anybody that has this name :)
everyone wants to be around ashley
Beautiful and amazing is very smart and is me!!!! lol but sierouslt every ashley is very sweet and kind and is alwayas going above and bryound with things like projects and is totally fit and athletic and loves to party sometimes a bit shy to boys but is okay!!! :)
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