Meaning of the name Aurora:
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Gender: Female
Usage: Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, English, German, Romanian, Finnish, Roman Mythology
its basically the Aurora Borealis or in other words the northern lights. It is a beautiful sight and an interesting phenomenon. this can be seen in Alaska during December and March.
It means goddess of dawn I know this cuz I have looked up my name lol I'm aurora
dawn, bright in anyway.
joy and love also laughter
a beuttiful and wonderful person with a lot of heart and is bound for goodness
Sleeping Beauty! :D
It means a glowing sensation , Like the northern lights !
yo it meas ur pretty and smart just like this aurora right here
a smart talented girl who likes to read and talk,talk,talk
Well, my name is aurora too(: Its supposed to be named after a roman goddess i think it was the goddess of nature? i THINK :)
Aurora was the Roman God of the Dawn and a myth that folowes her is that she fell in love with the prince of Troy,pillowhonus. She asked Jupiter to make him immortal and he did so. Although she did not ask for eternal youth so he aged but was immortal. Aurora then turned him into a grrear endhoper. My name is Aurora and knowing I'm named after a godess is actually pretty cool.
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