Meaning of the name Aurora:
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Gender: Female
Usage: Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, English, German, Romanian, Finnish, Roman Mythology
It means goddess of dawn I know this cuz I have looked up my name lol I'm aurora
its basically the Aurora Borealis or in other words the northern lights. It is a beautiful sight and an interesting phenomenon. this can be seen in Alaska during December and March.
joy and love also laughter
a beuttiful and wonderful person with a lot of heart and is bound for goodness
Sleeping Beauty! :D
dawn, bright in anyway.
a smart talented girl who likes to read and talk,talk,talk
Well, my name is aurora too(: Its supposed to be named after a roman goddess i think it was the goddess of nature? i THINK :)
It means a glowing sensation , Like the northern lights !
yo it meas ur pretty and smart just like this aurora right here
your wrong there was no roman goddes of nature named aurora, but there was a roman god named boreas he was one of the 4 wind gods,controled the aurora borealis
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