Meaning of the name Ayla:
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Gender: Female
Usage: Hebrew
My name is Ayla it means purple moon or oak tree
It does mean Oak Tree because im name is Ayla also. Its from the book "clan of the cave bear"
it is a nice name that gives confidens to those who needs it i say and all ayla' are unique so if u are bugged just tell ur self u are specialle
I have a friend who's called Ayla and she told me it means moon or stars.
Palm tree or 'purple moon'
Well, My name is Ayla but It's Turkish so it means the light around the moon, or the moon's halo.
beautiful fairy
awsome hot person indenpended
My names also ayla. my parents said it means oak tree or little bear or strong bear. its from the book clan of the cave bear.
I don't care what it means i just like my name
i got my name off the movie clan of the cave bear to
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