Meaning of the name Baylee:
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Gender: Female
Usage: English (Modern)
baylie means a smart and talented girl who doesnt care what people think and she is VERY Talented....crazy talented....and SUPER FUNNY
My name is Baylee and i couldnt have a better name. I'm everything everyone described (except artistic) and i wouldnt change my name. my spelling was named after a little girl who died in a fire.
i have a best friend baylee shes awesome
Baylee is a sweet name
baylee is a fun name that turns out really poppular trust me :o:D
My name is Baylee and I am one of the smartest kids in my school. Even though Microsoft word doesn't like my name I Do, my parents could not have chosen a better one. I was also named after the little girl who died in the Oklahoma bombing, but I am also named after Its a Wonderful Life and many more personal reasons. My name is just the perfect description of me and if anyone names their kid Baylee I bet that they would fit this definition too...
my name is BAYLEE and i think im pretty ,cool,funny, and a good friend
i must agree with the first thing. my sisters name is baylee and she is all of those things. smart talented girl who doesnt care what people think of her she is also all about herself and call herself lovey and everythig allthough i will allways love her she is the best siser anyone could have
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