Meaning of the name Baylee:
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Gender: Female
Usage: English (Modern)
baylie means a smart and talented girl who doesnt care what people think and she is VERY Talented....crazy talented....and SUPER FUNNY
My name is Baylee and i couldnt have a better name. I'm everything everyone described (except artistic) and i wouldnt change my name. my spelling was named after a little girl who died in a fire.
i have a best friend baylee shes awesome
Baylee is a sweet name
baylee is a fun name that turns out really poppular trust me :o:D
My name is Baylee and I am one of the smartest kids in my school. Even though Microsoft word doesn't like my name I Do, my parents could not have chosen a better one. I was also named after the little girl who died in the Oklahoma bombing, but I am also named after Its a Wonderful Life and many more personal reasons. My name is just the perfect description of me and if anyone names their kid Baylee I bet that they would fit this definition too...
my name is BAYLEE and i think im pretty ,cool,funny, and a good friend
i dont care what people think of me and i dont worry about the way people think about me and any other person named baylee would agree.
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