Meaning of the name Beatrice:
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Gender: Female
Usage: Italian, English
child of God,luckiest woman
most beautiful person
Beauty and Happiness
the cutest sister
Beatrice is latin, and it means bringer of joy
Beatrice is a nice and a beautiful person.ONlike other people who are haters!!!!!!!!!
She who brings joy
child of god,luckiest woman most beautiful person WRONG WRONG AND MORE WRONG shy but fun at the same time the cutest sister HOTTEST CHICK I DON'T SUCK IN AWSOME!!!!!! my name is beatrice...for the compliments XD s b eatiful loveyyyyy inherited the best looks from the family bringer of joy.Usually nice,Likes to laugh,but gets mad for no reson at times,tries being the leader
beautiful, lovable, pretty, awesome :D
brilliant and sensitivity, lucky and godfearing
i plowed that
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