Meaning of the name Becky:
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Gender: Female
Usage: English
amazing! fantastic! wonderful! beautiful!
Beautiful, intelligent and remarkable
Friendly girl who's got lots of friends
Fun, loving, creative, and an AMAZING person!! She may have a ton of enimies, but she will ALWAYS be beat them in arguments. Never, ever get in a fight with a Becky because she may not look like it, but she can through a REALLY hard punch.... ^_^ The Becky I know is my best friend!! Really. Don't. Mess. With. A. Becky. (she does get revenge...)
the bestest girlfriend Ever......i love Yhu Beckly [[:
the awesomest coolest person EVER!!!!!!
Short for "Rebecca" which means "Bound in marriage"
pretty and popular
Great personality, worshiper of god
The origin of becky is a southern country sweetie. Their eyes are stars and their smiles are flattering. One kind remark from her is always heart felt and sincere and can change your entire day around. Attractive and an all around beauty. Aleays happy and laughing. Also she never takes life too seriously, after all who does? People admire her intelligence, beauty, and humor. Loving and will go out of her way to help others. A beauty at heart.
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