Meaning of the name Becky:
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Gender: Female
Usage: English
amazing! fantastic! wonderful! beautiful!
Beautiful, intelligent and remarkable
Friendly girl who's got lots of friends
Fun, loving, creative, and an AMAZING person!! She may have a ton of enimies, but she will ALWAYS be beat them in arguments. Never, ever get in a fight with a Becky because she may not look like it, but she can through a REALLY hard punch.... ^_^ The Becky I know is my best friend!! Really. Don't. Mess. With. A. Becky. (she does get revenge...)
the bestest girlfriend Ever......i love Yhu Beckly [[:
Short for "Rebecca" which means "Bound in marriage"
the awesomest coolest person EVER!!!!!!
pretty and popular
Great personality, worshiper of god
The coolest person i met in the whole wide world and will always be there for me!! :)
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