Meaning of the name Bella:
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Gender: Female
Usage: English
Bella means beautiful
Bella means perfect, pretty, smart, nice, and funny.
Bella can mean lots of different things depending on the culture, my middle name is Bella and to me its means a strong and beautiful girl who can do anything she sets her mind to.
This name means beautiful night.
Your a beatiful girl. The name means night in Italian.
my names bella, people always say my name means beautiful, ittelegnt, creative song ritter, HORRAY
Bella means beautiful, smart, kind, and sweet.
A survivor. kind sweet hangs out with everyone but sometimes struggles with her life
My Name is Bella.. And I think it meansStrong, Beautiful. :)
my name is bella i am 7 years old.
my name is Isabella but everyone calls me Bella so its pratacly my name BellaThere are simply no words to describe how amazing a Bella is. The closest you can get is saying that she is absolutely beautiful, smart, funny, caring, COOL, considerate, and incredibly modest. A Bella is more than perfect, and if you have her as a girlfriend or even KNOW her, you are the luckiest person in the world. You will never have a dream come true until you meet a Bella.A Bella makes her boyfriend:1) Feel privileged to have her. 2) Feel speechless and have the temptation to impress her.3) Feel like she is the only reason why he smiles. 4) Feel like she is the light of his life.5) Not able to get her off of his mind.6) Know that he has the best girlfriend in the world.7) Love her with all of his heart. 8) Ask himself how a girl like Bella would go out with him when she deserves so much more? 9) Stay with her forever. 10) Fall in love with every little thing she does.Example A: Guy: I have a huge crush on you. Bella: This isn't a surprise. I hear this a million times a day.Example B:Boyfriend: How is it possible that I'm falling this hard for you? Bella: It must be because I'm perfect.Example C: Boyfriend: Happy one month anniversary! 6/15/11-7/15/11 This was the best month of my life.agian my boyfiend wrote this it makes me blush! :D
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