Meaning of the name Bella:
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Gender: Female
Usage: English
Bella means beautiful
Bella means perfect, pretty, smart, nice, and funny.
Bella can mean lots of different things depending on the culture, my middle name is Bella and to me its means a strong and beautiful girl who can do anything she sets her mind to.
This name means beautiful night.
Your a beatiful girl. The name means night in Italian.
Bella means beautiful, smart, kind, and sweet.
my names bella, people always say my name means beautiful, ittelegnt, creative song ritter, HORRAY
A survivor. kind sweet hangs out with everyone but sometimes struggles with her life
My Name is Bella.. And I think it meansStrong, Beautiful. :)
as im italian, i know what it means, it means BEAUTIFUL. i suppise all bella's are beautiful!!
my name is bella. it is intellagent, amazing song writter, singer, creative artist,smart,beautiful, perfect, pretty, smart, nice, funny, beautiful night,outstanding, anything she sets her mind to, strong, a good actress, does not quit anything, does whatever she wants to do, and might be a vampiriss.
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