Meaning of the name Bernice:
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Gender: Female
Usage: English, Biblical, Biblical Latin
it means a very nice indapendant girl who is beutiful and is a really good friend
A really good mother and grandmother
One who brings victory
the most AWESOME person on earth
It is a awesome name for an awesome mom!
Victory Bringer
a really smart and thoughtful person
"victory, victorious." hmm, that too-young-for-her-body. my would-be sister, if the woman wasnt 40 years older than me. i love u bernice. shes a great chiropractor, got a CHIROPRATCTOR OF THE YEAR award. in the master circle. she ROCKS!! i love ya, bernice!!!!!!!!!!!!
a very nice person and a good friend
my kids futcher name!
my name is bernice and it really means victory bringer and really good friend so if your name is bernice like me then this is what your name means.:)
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