Meaning of the name Bertha:
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Gender: Female
Usage: German, English, Ancient Germanic
wierd person who doesnt know as much as they shoul
loveable mom and soooooo awsome
what does bertha mean in fat
i've never met a thin girl named bertha
my guy friend's name is Bertha Diamond and he's kinda stupid and emotional (mostly stupid) but all and all he's my best friend and he's a great person and he's not fat but i'm pretty sure he eats too much unhealthy things and he used to live in a bush but he bought an apartment and got married and had three kids (Baby, Jade, and Albert) and he's like a unicorn lovable and fun so yay
yea me to i'll poo poo all over your face
it means f*
it means that that person is a young woman that's half smart and that is sweet with madness but they take care of you and all ways be there for you
i have a mom named bertha she is very loveful????
bertha means nice and sweet:^)
You are stupid fu???? Persons that are saying that bertha means a fat person bi????s
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