Meaning of the name Beverly:
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Gender: Male & Female
Usage: English
beverly means beutiful
to all the Beverlys in the world we r kind happy go lucky we take care of family friends , we extend help wherever we can b of help. we know how to listen and we know when take action, we carry our name well,we r also terrific mom wifes sisters and daughters that is what it means to b Beverly
my mommys name is beverly and it means beautiful, kind, and caring. she spoils her only kid rotten.....she likes to spend money....and shes crazy af!! haha :)
Strong, Confident, Generous and Grounded.Beautiful Spirit and Loving.
It means good child and loved child sweet parent responsible yet goofy and fun Beverlys are amazing
loving , kind and beutifal
A calm, nice, humourous, and prear endionate teacher. Fun but gives a lot of homework.
I love my mom she is the best
best friend bev is always at my side
The name Beverly means kind hearted, loving, and will give her last dime to anyone in need, even if it means that she goes without. Beverly will make a way out of no way before she will break down and ask anyone for help other than God..Beverly is beautiful both inside and out. A loving Mother,Sister,Daughter,Auntie, Grandmother,and friend. Beverly truly loves the Lord. All these things I can say without a doubt because Beverly is me!
I am so proud to be a Beverly...
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