Meaning of the name Billy:
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Gender: Male
Usage: English
Billy is the sweetest most smartest, and the cutest, and is funny and smart and treats you right,he knows just how to make u feel better, just awesome
billy is the best
A guy that all the girls like and he will treat them right but when it comes to his little sister he doesn't care even a little.
nice funny fun to be around!
a tall hoty jk jk lol
he is also cool and nice dude no man or boy can beat him at any thing
The best daddy in the world
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Billy means "determined protector" and is from old German.
Hot light skinned natural born Romeo is quit and shy at times but is a fire cracker in the bed billy is a very thoughtful Prear endionate companion never walks away from true love
wow spell check "all yall are flags thats my dads name so yah exsept the ones that said nice things bought him" who ever typed this is probly named bu-bu
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