Meaning of the name Billy:
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Gender: Male
Usage: English
Billy is the sweetest most smartest, and the cutest, and is funny and smart and treats you right,he knows just how to make u feel better, just awesome
A guy that all the girls like and he will treat them right but when it comes to his little sister he doesn't care even a little.
nice funny fun to be around!
billy is the best
he is also cool and nice dude no man or boy can beat him at any thing
Talented and outgoing. Unique and walks to a different beat. Friendly and nice to everyone he meets. Goodlooking and has a great personallity.
a tall hoty jk jk lol
billy is a mean player
To the people who r being mean just so u know some parents let there kids see this stuff...):
hottest guy eva love kayla
Yea thats my name
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