Meaning of the name Blanca:
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Gender: Female
Usage: Spanish
no all of u r wrong it means beatiful,caring,loving,forgiving,does-everything-she-can woman
no it means beautiful
it means precious,kind,loving,and every positive meaning.=)
Strong minded kind and supportivedancer sport lover
beuthiful inside Nd OutSide
blanca is a beatiful name, yes but do you know what really means? Well it's a spanish name for whitely. Thats what it really says
hahaha (above me) no its beautiful
FATTT rear endSS
My Name Is Blanca And It Means White C: Yepp Is A lovexy Pretty Name C;
Blanca, it means beautiful, caring, loving, precious, kind, and forgiving
Blanca means she is the first one that comes around like white is the first color
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