Meaning of the name Blanca:
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Gender: Female
Usage: Spanish
no all of u r wrong it means beatiful,caring,loving,forgiving,does-everything-she-can woman
no it means beautiful
it means precious,kind,loving,and every positive meaning.=)
Strong minded kind and supportivedancer sport lover
blanca is a beatiful name, yes but do you know what really means? Well it's a spanish name for whitely. Thats what it really says
beuthiful inside Nd OutSide
hahaha (above me) no its beautiful
FATTT rear endSS
My Name Is Blanca And It Means White C: Yepp Is A lovexy Pretty Name C;
Boooooo! MainFind Your NameBrowse AllToolsRandom NameSponsored KateGender:FemaleUsage: English, CroatianMeaning:Beautful,Smart is always the leader.A animal lover!beautiful, calm, and lovingMy sister who loves me! And i love her! Shes awesome and smart and pretty! Go Kate!Kate is actually the most beautiful name in the english language and she is the best person you will ever meet and she is sooo pretty. And the thing about her is she doesnt care what you say even when you have EVERYTHING wrong about her. I gently caressen lovee herr x3It means loyal kind and friendlyoften makes drastic mistakes through friendship but regrets latershe is easy going and feels pressurised she is very kind hearted and puts herself lastso screw the rest of u kate roxIs a perfectonist. I don't think I spelled that right!A kate in this world who is my bff!!!!!!!! s.b.i.b. my sistah 4eva and alwaysIts my name lol :)amazing gurl all that other is so not true! well for me its not im amazing mabe the others arent!kate is...Kate is an amazing beautiful girl.Know what this name means? Tell
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