Meaning of the name Bonnie:
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Gender: Female
Usage: English
Bonnie-=- Means a loving mom who cares for others' feelings b4 hers and looks for the best in life no matter how hard stuff gets or who runs her down. Don't take but a little time for herself!!!!
sweet and fair
Bonnie means beautiful in spanish! :D
Um? You happy man morons... Its not fat, stupid, or any of that rude crap, my name is Bonnie and I am as skinny as a stick.. and I am really smart and I try to be as nice as i can.... Plus, Bonnie means angel...
Bonne= the best mom in the universe!
a great mom. and teacher
a cool person and cousin FUNNY
bonnie can mean alot of things, but one thing it cant mean is hateful i know this because my moms name is bonnie
Bonnie is not just beautiful in spanish... r u ppl just makeing this stuff up?
Bonnie means angel xx
it means tht ur cute funnie the right boy iz write in ur face love iz eazy 4 u 2 find and ur family lovez y dearly friendz like ANGEL TAMARA TAMARA T N IYANALA N EVERY1 ELSE 4 ZEKIAH DENNIS
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