Meaning of the name Bonnie:
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Gender: Female
Usage: English
Bonnie-=- Means a loving mom who cares for others' feelings b4 hers and looks for the best in life no matter how hard stuff gets or who runs her down. Don't take but a little time for herself!!!!
sweet and fair
Bonnie means beautiful in spanish! :D
Um? You happy man morons... Its not fat, stupid, or any of that rude crap, my name is Bonnie and I am as skinny as a stick.. and I am really smart and I try to be as nice as i can.... Plus, Bonnie means angel...
Bonne= the best mom in the universe!
a cool person and cousin FUNNY
a great mom. and teacher
bonnie can mean alot of things, but one thing it cant mean is hateful i know this because my moms name is bonnie
Bonnie is not just beautiful in spanish... r u ppl just makeing this stuff up?
Bonnie means angel xx
in first of all it bonnie not bonny you dumrear end and the name is not stupid its cooler than any name in the univers got it get it good
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