Meaning of the name Brandi:
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Gender: Female
Usage: English
it means beatiful girl
Brandi means..Beautiful Random Adorable Nice Delicate Intelligent. Thats what i think Brandi means. The first letter spells the name out.
Brandi means Brandi (:
brandi means a girl that has an upbeat spirit and she is always going to make you smile wheather you like it or not.
Brandi is my name I thinj it means that somone is beautiful and almost every one likes her if u act the rite way
brandi means sweet,unique,and intelligent when she wants to be(:
its my name so U think it means honist,arts and a good poet
Brandi means a girl who loves nature just like myu friend Brandi
brandi is my best friend:)
s0 find
really good best friend boys always love her
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