Meaning of the name Brandi:
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Gender: Female
Usage: English
it means beatiful girl
Brandi means..Beautiful Random Adorable Nice Delicate Intelligent. Thats what i think Brandi means. The first letter spells the name out.
Brandi means Brandi (:
Brandi is my name I thinj it means that somone is beautiful and almost every one likes her if u act the rite way
brandi means sweet,unique,and intelligent when she wants to be(:
its my name so U think it means honist,arts and a good poet
Brandi means a girl who loves nature just like myu friend Brandi
brandi means a girl that has an upbeat spirit and she is always going to make you smile wheather you like it or not.
s0 find
Is by far better than the name Rashid!!!!!
a super hot girl who really likes this guy and he leads her onand flirts with other girls but flirts with her too! but she really really likes him and has liked him for three years
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