Meaning of the name Breanna:
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Gender: Female
Usage: English (Modern)
A fun person!!!!
Apparantly it means strong, noble
bright bold butiful and strong smart kind karing and a fun person
this means a strong intelligent girl stands tall and is very lovey as a teen
the pretty girl who is nice to everyone
Breanna means a intellegent lovey girl who only likes to hang out with real and honest people!!
a real true friend who depends on her friends that got a annoying sister that enjoys her life,redbone,long/ meduim hair.
strong girl who gets it all
the lovey girl who is cool with only real people
this name means beautiful ,and strong ,and lovey,and a person who stands tall through everything
Breanna does not mean any of those things. Breanna means Strong One. So this goes to all the Breanna's in this world.....Be Strong!
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