Meaning of the name Brenda:
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Gender: Female
Usage: English
a girl who is comprear endionate and a animal lover who can be funy and weird,but a true friendand can be affectionate
my name is brenda and i really don't think u shud rely on your name to tell you the kind of person u really are. i think people should define u according to whats in ur heart.every one is unique i their own way same to all brendas!!!!
it just means brenda is awesome!!!!;)
it means SMALL&HUMBLE and it dosent mean that ur smal.
Who luv ppls and is a good huger
Honest, lovey, hot person who can do alot of crazy things!
Brenda is a name that means that she is nice and friendly and very funny she's a good friend
this is true my name is brenda and i can be wierd sometimes around poeple and yes i am an animal lover!!!! :)
all the comments left on this happyrear end page are the most useless ive seen. i mean seriously, i just want to know what my name means and i get a ton of brown. BRENDA is the best name there is and the fine persones above have to screw everything up.
my mom ;is and she is pretty,cleaning,thoughtful person
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