Meaning of the name Brenda:
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Gender: Female
Usage: English
a girl who is comprear endionate and a animal lover who can be funy and weird,but a true friendand can be affectionate
my name is brenda and i really don't think u shud rely on your name to tell you the kind of person u really are. i think people should define u according to whats in ur heart.every one is unique i their own way same to all brendas!!!!
it just means brenda is awesome!!!!;)
Brenda is a name that means that she is nice and friendly and very funny she's a good friend
all the comments left on this happyrear end page are the most useless ive seen. i mean seriously, i just want to know what my name means and i get a ton of brown. BRENDA is the best name there is and the fine persones above have to screw everything up.
I know a Brenda who is very sweet and funny.
it means SMALL&HUMBLE and it dosent mean that ur smal.
Brenda means confident of herself and shy but friendly
Honest, lovey, hot person who can do alot of crazy things!
I'm Brenda nd I'm weird nd funny nd I'm a good friend but I'm shy but I care for people
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