Meaning of the name Brenna:
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Gender: Female
Usage: English
My name is Brenna and I heard it means"Brenna, wise beyond her years, this child is a true peacemaker. Never willing to see anyone hurt,she is comprear endionate and loving. Intelligent with a warm inner glow. She is a beautiful child and Gracious women."
lovely kind
a really kind person who can always make you smile :)
brenna means beautiful girl,very good with animals, outgoing, and happy:)
Raven-haired. A beautiful girl with good choice in friends.
a beautiful girl independent, outgoing and never too busy to help anyone. People adore Brennas because their smart and wil never give up thats what Brenna means.
i have a good choice in friends
you have a love for music and art if your name is brenna i know because that is my name
Brenna means Awesome as heck cuz i have a bff named Brenna :I and she rocks :DDDD
hillthats what it means
My name is Brenna and I'm very kind sporty I don't think I'm beautiful but I geuss I am and I have great friends
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