Meaning of the name Brenna:
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Gender: Female
Usage: English
My name is Brenna and I heard it means"Brenna, wise beyond her years, this child is a true peacemaker. Never willing to see anyone hurt,she is comprear endionate and loving. Intelligent with a warm inner glow. She is a beautiful child and Gracious women."
lovely kind
a really kind person who can always make you smile :)
brenna means beautiful girl,very good with animals, outgoing, and happy:)
Raven-haired. A beautiful girl with good choice in friends.
i have a good choice in friends
a beautiful girl independent, outgoing and never too busy to help anyone. People adore Brennas because their smart and wil never give up thats what Brenna means.
Brenna means Awesome as heck cuz i have a bff named Brenna :I and she rocks :DDDD
you have a love for music and art if your name is brenna i know because that is my name
hillthats what it means
Brenna is a name of Irish or celtic origin meaning "little raven" or "raven haired one". Brenna is someone shy, sweet, and sensitive. she often looks forward to the future, and she frequently does things to make others mad. Brenna is a nice and beautiful person who others envy. this person is most likely to be protective to the ones closest to her heart. She has lots of friends who love her and is fun to be around.
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