Meaning of the name Brielle:
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Gender: Female
Usage: English (Modern)
a kind an caring girl with one heck of personality x
it means gentle and graceful, lovey ans stylish and shoulder to cry on in times of need, they are a true friend and emotions are gr8 xxx:)
cute, smart ,talented ,gr8, cool, popular,very lovey.
I think this name means smart talented Btw my name is Brielle and Im not stupid I'm talented
Awesome best friend anyone can have
Brielle means a girl who can stick up for the weak and can really make you laugh when you want to eat a pillow, and we really know how to have a good time
Pretty awesome girl I think. She is my beautiful best friend! love your new friend,Carley
I love Brielle, she is the most beutiful person that I know
The best friend anyone could have
beautiful, amazing and always going to be zayn malicks wife forever!!!! love you brii, love amy hindley
My name is Brielle stupid and I know for a fact it does not mean far rear end nasty Bree is a cheese not Brielle and it is also not a sckank it is a Hebrews and germen name it means a creature from are obviously retarded.I am ten years old and I know more than you hahahahajhaha!!!!!!!!!&
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