Meaning of the name Brielle:
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Gender: Female
Usage: English (Modern)
a kind an caring girl with one heck of personality x
it means gentle and graceful, lovey ans stylish and shoulder to cry on in times of need, they are a true friend and emotions are gr8 xxx:)
cute, smart ,talented ,gr8, cool, popular,very lovey.
I think this name means smart talented Btw my name is Brielle and Im not stupid I'm talented
Awesome best friend anyone can have
Brielle means a girl who can stick up for the weak and can really make you laugh when you want to eat a pillow, and we really know how to have a good time
Pretty awesome girl I think. She is my beautiful best friend! love your new friend,Carley
I love Brielle, she is the most beutiful person that I know
The best friend anyone could have
beautiful, amazing and always going to be zayn malicks wife forever!!!! love you brii, love amy hindley
My big sister's name is Brielle, too! :D She's my best friend in the entire world, and she's also NONE of the mean things mentioned above. I agree with the Hebrew translation; solely because of the fact that we're Jewish, and it's something my dad would definitely choose for that reason.
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