Meaning of the name Brittani:
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Gender: Female
Usage: English (Modern)
My name is brittani Lallie . Imm All Of what You guys said . Beautiful , Charminging , sweet ,Doesnt care what people think about her , Nice , Loves and cares for her family&Friends , I wouldnt Kno what To Do If I didnt have them , But Yet still Hs a devilish side . The kinda Bad girl Act . Like , I dont care Hit , See What Happends . end , Still Has the Quiet And Calm side Tha keeps To Her Self , Brittani Can Mean , Alot Of Things , The thing Is , You are You and Thats Where You Put those many Ways Together And Find What Your Brittani means .
Technically... it's of English origin, a form of Brittany, and means 'Land of the Britons.' Not as good as everyone's self explanations, I know. =) But I still love my name!
Outgoingvery prettylove's to talk
The name Brittani means beautiful, charming, sweet, kind young woman. Who can't be taken for granted by anyone. She stands up for herself and ALWAYS speaks her mind.. She could care less what any other bith says..! :))P.S. My name is Brittani Monique and eye appreciate the haters..! :))
The most amazing person in the world. She is so confident so smart and has the brain to match her unearthly beauty. She is the best person you will ever meet and has the smile of an angel. She is a people person and works well with kids,dogs, and old people. no one hates Brittani because there is absolutely no reason to. She is a loving person who care about all things on gods earth except spiders. She is the coolest person to hang out with because she is so chill and awesome. By the way she is very hot(;. Never will there be a time where you want to turn down a Brittani because if you do it will be a mistake you will live forever with. Brittani is wonderful and outgoing, she's very energetic and flexible and she is independent but knows when she needs some one and isn't afraid to admit it. Brittani's are BEATIFIED and there is no doubt about it. Also Brittani loves Isaiah. They will get married and have a boat load of one child and live happily ever after together and forever.
smart, funny and the bestest person ever.
a true loving funny halarious sister! BEAT THAT PEEPS!!!!!!BURN!!!!!!!
Brittani means sweet courageous women... Sweet don't take no mess. Quiet stays to herself very calm... Doesn't kow to express herself to people... Love kids... Love elderly people. Likes
demon child....daughter of satin
My name is brittani as well... To me Brittani means sweet,strong,loves working with kids, don't take no mess,can't stand DRAMA, very quiet. Doesn't really know how to express herself. Loves elderly people. Love making people laugh. Goofy. Stands up for herself and a positive person...
LOl ^
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