Meaning of the name Brittany:
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Gender: Female
Usage: English
craziest girl i ever met.....but is still a good friend
wow i really hate when people do this to my name! I love my name thank you!!! The name Brittany is derived from the Northwest region of France Bretagne and it was also the ancient celtic name for areas in lesser Britian. The name has a very rich history and thanks to certain Britneys no one really respects the name!!! BTW Brittany is the only way the name should be spelled!!!!!
brittany's rule!:)
i just love my name
you guys shouldnt say stuff like this brittany meanss sensitive girl who gets all the boys but does it in a heart filled way
It's Brittany fine person LOL
Ok seriously why spell it brittney its BrittANY u tards!!!!
I agree my name is Brittany and I'm sensitive and Inhave major feelings for people.
Sensitive has a kind heart ,Very emotinal ,But very independent at the sme time '& is very to HERSELF about thinq's '& is often in alot of pain but can hide it in her beautiful smile : ) ...Also that she is vey confident in her self '& is not easily brouqht down unless it is said by someone she really care's about ...Oh '& a very private person .That is atleast the Brittany iAm ! Lmao but yeah there's your meaninq .
Brittany is a white name.
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