Meaning of the name Brooke:
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Gender: Female
Usage: English
has a beautiful and strong personalitiyloves to have un
brooke means beautiful
kind and very loving
Brooke is a great name!!!!
ppl brooke means nice sweet and lovingNOT girlTY!!!!
ahaha! my names brooke ur rightt(: were fine persones
Means loving,cute,sweet,friendly,funny,laughs a lot,has great friends, good taste in guys,tough,plays sports,
Brooke is one of my bestest friends name.
Go Brooke's we are so beautiful!!!! And also smart with the sometimes blonde moment!!!:)
Means a small river haha
I beleive that Brooke is the most beautiful name i ever heard in the world and also that there is a river named Brook but without the e
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