Meaning of the name Cain:
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Gender: Male
Usage: Biblical, Biblical Latin
the cain i know he is awsome person and he is really cute
My baby named Cain he so sweet,funny, and he gets jelous easily I still love him though
It means gently caressin' clear water or spear-bearer.
My name is Cain and i am pretty good at most of the descriptions you have listed. Thanks
A loving brother, son, cousin, and, friend!
It means something else for him/her to decide, you don't have to tell the guy.
The Cain i know is a player, very mean, a woman beater, has bad anger problem, but veryyy loveyy!
I know two Cains and one of them pick there noise and eat it!! Gross!! The other one is that he is very smart and funny
a person who can: sing, play many instruments, write poetry, write fantasy stories, draw, PROCRASTINATE AND PULL IT TOGETHER AT THE LAST MINUTE!, ... i guess... a person like: MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
i am cain, i'm a female, and am very loving caring and sweet.
Cain doesn't mean you kill your siblings you idiots, I know 2 Cains they're both awesome, funny, intelligent.
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