Meaning of the name Caitlin:
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Gender: Female
Usage: Irish, English
Caitlin means pure and beautiful, mature, and independent. Most Cailtin's have their feet on the ground and their head out of the clouds. They're really focused and serious. They're hard workers!
Caitlin means pure beautiful and pretty
it means we r pure and full of heart and can be confused alot of times but in the end always do the right thing
i think it means very fun and out going!!!!!!!:)
it means beautiful pretty nice and out going! im sooo lucky that my name is caitlin !
Caitlin means HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY!
Caitlin is awesome,caring but really quiet. Shes really fun to be around!!!
beautiful,smart,funny,and outgoing Caitlin's are awesome
Caitlin is the best name to have :)
Caitlin means not being afraid to be yourself and daring to dream
Well I'm really not sure exactly but I have a plaque in my room that says it means kind and patient relaxed loves nature happy personality high self esteem tease friends often learns from mistakes and encourages others it's a great name especially selled this way the Irish way hope I helped. Caitlin
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