Meaning of the name Caleb:
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Gender: Male
Usage: English, Biblical
It's Hebrew for strength, courage, bravery and valor. Also has some meaning in faithfulness, thoughtfulness and honesty.
It means strong, courageous, thoughtful, and full of fath.
It means strong, courageous, thoughtful, and fathful
it means mainly courage.its a biblical name.caleb and joshua were the only two soliders that would go and look in the promise land not even questioning the size of the people there because they knew god was with them.
caleb is my brothers name and hes realy fun to hang with and funny. he athletic and good at math, better than me! h loves to mess with our dogs too.
means im epic!
godly, faithful, thoughtful, caring, sweet, handsome, brave, strong and hardworking!!!! i could go on all day lol i love my boyfriend!!!!!
hes sweet cute and totally sporty;)
caleb is one of my bestfriends i love him so much but he doesnt know.caleb is very smart athletic stong cute and funny.he always has agirlfriends those girls are very lucky to have him.
it means funny cause he is hott and skinny and funny
It means pigheaded and stupid.
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