Meaning of the name Calypso:
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Gender: Female
Usage: Greek Mythology (Latinized)
Calypso was a beautiful daughter of Atlas, who was cast away on her own little island of Ogygia, in the middle of nowhere. litteraly. Calypso means a beautiful enchantress.
gently caressable where you stick the dog in the cat
funny and awesome at speed song-writing. sometimes (often) can get incredibly STRESSSSSSY!!!!
From Greek (Kalypso) which probably meant "she that conceals", derived from (kalypto) "to cover, to conceal".
name of the daughter of the pillowan atlas. pretty, and helps heroes that come a sshore. didn't want to put long answer haere
my name is calypso and i just thought it was Atlas's daughter
I think my name, Calypso, is kinda pretty. Alot of people think im gorgeous and keep asking me out.
My name is calypso,but its to different for me, so i go by Caly (callie). lol!!!
Is there anyone whose name is Calypso?! That's my name and I want to make sure I'm not the only one in America!
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