Meaning of the name Calypso:
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Gender: Female
Usage: Greek Mythology (Latinized)
gently caressable where you stick the dog in the cat
funny and awesome at speed song-writing. sometimes (often) can get incredibly STRESSSSSSY!!!!
From Greek (Kalypso) which probably meant "she that conceals", derived from (kalypto) "to cover, to conceal".
my name is calypso and i just thought it was Atlas's daughter
name of the daughter of the pillowan atlas. pretty, and helps heroes that come a sshore. didn't want to put long answer haere
Calypso was a beautiful daughter of Atlas, who was cast away on her own little island of Ogygia, in the middle of nowhere. litteraly. Calypso means a beautiful enchantress.
I think my name, Calypso, is kinda pretty. Alot of people think im gorgeous and keep asking me out.
My name is calypso,but its to different for me, so i go by Caly (callie). lol!!!
Is there anyone whose name is Calypso?! That's my name and I want to make sure I'm not the only one in America!
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