Meaning of the name Cara:
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Gender: Female
Usage: English, German
in italian it means beautiful
loved one in italin
cara means friend in irish
very very coool :)
Cara - beloved friends has a brother and a sister
it means dear(spanish)or loved one(itallian)
It is Latin for "my dear" or "my dear one"It is also Spanish for "face"It is Irish Gaelic for "a friend"It is Italian for "the beloved one"It is Cornish for "love"
cara:cool, nice awsome girl ever.
Beautiful, Funny, Gorgeous, and AWSOME. NO ONE DISRESPECTS THE CARA'S, because it is also my name.:)
Cara-a really awsome sister.
My name is cara and I think it means a lovely girl but sometimes her anger can get the best of her Someone who is funny , sweet, shy , and very creative and artistic
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