Meaning of the name Carlos:
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Gender: Male
Usage: Spanish, Portuguese
Carlos means "MAN" for those of you who are lacking that, it means he is more of a man than any guy on this earth can ever be
carlos means man.
man or manly
A good dad; supporting ; loving
Is a person who is found in one in a million loves to talk amongst others, but most of all to the one person he loves most. Is patient, kind, and loving.
carlos is a wierd guy that stocks u over night so be CAREFULL nd hes not a good kisser BELIIVE ME!!!!!!!!
He is so frendly to evrey person xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo.
Person who is out going and likes to have a good time with his friends #YOLO
Means BEASTLY!!!
LMAO, This is my name xDDDDDDD
a crazy add/adhd mexican who isnt really mexican
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